The Training Program

 Fight For Chicago participants will receive:

  • Funding for a gym membership at Sam Colonna Boxing MMA & Fitness
  • A “starter kit” of boxing equipment and athletic apparel
  • A group training regimen 

Learning the basics

Our program is designed for male and female athletes 8 to 18 years old who seek a positive environment to learn and grow.

We offer classes from 4PM to 5PM and from 5PM to 6PM Monday through Thursday every week.

A typical gym workout includes a warm up, a series of conditioning exercises (including jogging, jumping jacks, sit-ups and push-ups) and group drill/classes that focus on proper boxing technique

Boxers will learn the proper stance, technique, defense skills and participate in drills on the heavy bag, the speed bag, and the double-end bag. Our CHAMPS will also have the opportunity to spar with other boxers in the ring.

“Even when I’m in the ring I feel safe”


“The gym itself won’t take away your problems, but it motivates you to work hard in everything you do.”

– Michelle

“Boxing will discipline you, humble you and make you an all-around better person.”


“Even when I’m in the ring, I feel safe.”